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Privacy policy

On May 25th, 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect, and replaced the Swedish Personal Data Act. Here, you can read about how the municipality of Trelleborg handles personal data and what rights you, as a registered individual, have.

Personal data

Personal data refers to any data that can be connected to an individual. It could be a name, but it might as well be any data, that in combination with other data can be used to identify an individual. For example, could information about the number of children, in combination with place of residence and gender, make it possible to identify an individual.

The following are all examples of personal data:

  • a name
  • an address
  • an email address
  • location data
  • banking details
  • a photo (if it is possible to identify any person in the photo)
  • a post in social media

The municipality of Trelleborg collects data and stores information when you, for example, submit an application or make a report. In connection with your application/report, it is stated how we will use your personal data.

Throughout, we use the term “processing”, which encompasses all different actions involving personal data, including collection, handling, storage, sharing, access, use, transfer, and deletion.

Personal data in email

All email involves the processing of personal data. Avoid sending sensitive or privacy-sensitive data via email. We recommend that you always use the municipality’s e-services whenever possible to reach the municipality.

Personal data sent via email to the municipality is processed in accordance with applicable legislations, promptly transferred to the relevant operational system, and disposed of or archived after the completion of the matter. The municipality of Trelleborg and the municipal companies’ email management is conducted through a cloud service provided by Microsoft.

Purpose of processing your personal data

The municipality of Trelleborg is processing personal data when needed and in accordance with applicable legislations related to our areas of operation or when it is needed to perform the task intended (For example, in order to provide you with better service). In connection with the collection, you will be informed of the reasons why we process your personal data, the legal basis for such processing, and how long we will retain them.

Withdraw consent

In cases where the processing of your personal data is based on consent, you have the right to revoke (withdraw) your consent at any time that you have provided to the municipality of Trelleborg.

In order to revoke the consent, you need to contact the municipality of Trelleborg via the contact information found on this page. You should state the purpose for which you choose to revoke your consent. Once you have revoked your consent, we will cease processing your personal data for the relevant purpose. You also have the right to request deletion of your personal data when revoking consent.

In cases where the processing is based on a legal basis other than  consent, and we have a legal obligation to retain the personal data for a certain period, we cannot delete your personal data.

Your rights

The municipality of Trelleborg will take measures in accordance with applicable legislation to keep your personal data accurate, complete, protected, and up to date. You have the right to rectify incomplete or inaccurate personal data.

Right to information

Du har rätt att få ta del av de personuppgifter som Trelleborgs kommun har om dig. Detta gör du genom att besöka Rådhuset och lämna in en blankett till Kundtjänst med begäran att få ett registerutdrag. I det framgår vilka personuppgifter som vi behandlar.

Right to object to processing

If you experience that your personal data is used incorrectly by the municipality of Trelleborg, you have the right to raise objections against the processing at any time.

The right to deletion

Under certain conditions, such as when you have revoked a previously given consent and/or there is no legal basis for further processing of your personal data, you have the right to request the deletion of your personal data. However, the right to deletion does not apply when we have legal obligations to retain certain personal data.

Right to restriction of processing

Under certain conditions you have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data to only involve the storage of the data, for example, during the time when the municipality of Trelleborg is investigating whether you have the right to deletion.

Right to access

You have the right to receive a confirmation from the municipality of Trelleborg when your personal data is processed by the municipality of Trelleborg and, if that is the case, get access to the personal data and the following information:

  • Why we process the personal data
  • A specification of what personal data we process
  • Who the recipients of personal data are (Especially if they are located outside the EU/EEA)
  • For how long the personal data will be processed
  • Information of what rights you have
  • Information of where the personal data were collected
  • If there is automated decision-making, including profiling.
  • Right to data portability.

When processing of your personal data is based on your consent or is necessary for the performance of a contract with you, and provided that the personal data has been collected directly from you, you have the right to receive a copy of your personal data in a commonly used machine-readable format.

Rights in relation to automated decision-making, including profiling.

You have the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling, if such decision has legal effects or significantly affects you. This right does not apply if the automated decision-making is necessary for the performance of a contract with you, is explicitly permitted by law, or if you have provided explicit consent for such processing.


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Complaint to the supervisory authority

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or complaints regarding the processing of your personal data. However, you also have the right to lodge a complaint about the processing of your personal data with the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection IMY.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the processing of your personal data, please feel free to contact Trelleborgs Museer at:

Trelleborg Museum
Organization number 212000-1199
Stortorget 1, 231 43 Trelleborg
0410-73 30 45

The municipality of Trelleborg has appointed a data protection officer that you may contact at the following email address:

Read more about GDPR (Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection IMY)