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Trelleborg Museum’s collections, consisting of approximately 60.000 objects and 120.000 photographs, which can be found at the 2000 square meters storage facilitys of Trelleborg Museum. To a large extent it’s a museum in itself where we regularly offer public tours and tours for booked groups.  

Trelleborg Museum’s collections are primarily based in Söderslätt, the southwestern area of Scania, and mainly consists of cultural-historical objects collected by the museum since 1896. Among the collections, you will find photographs of blocks and streets of Trelleborg during the first half of the 20th century, archival materials, cultural-historical objects such as furniture, agricultural tools, railway objects, maritime artifacts, clothes, textiles, industrial history, pottery from Scania, glass from Trelleborg, peasant costume and objects and much more!

Our collection also includes larger separate collections. The newest addition is our Troell Collection, featuring films and photos from Jan Troell’s long career and life. The collection also include the Borgquist Hat Museum’s objects, Axel Ebbe’s artworks, as well as smaller separate collections such as Olof Christoffersson’s collection of objects and books and art collection featuring local artists.

The storage facilities of Trelleborgs Museum also houses some smaller reconstructions, such as a village shop and an early 20th century classroom.

Exhibitions with objects from the collections

Objects from the collections are continuously used in our exhibitions. In our permanent exhibition Stadslifv, objects from the collections are on display. But we also create temporary exhibitions with objects from the collections.

Previous exhibitions

Upcoming exhibitions

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Questions and answers

Questions about the collections and objects from Trelleborg and Söderslätt can be directed to the responsible curator.

General object inquiries and cultural history:




Donations to the collections are accepted according to our collection policy and decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. Please always contact the museum before submitting objects to the collections.

Collection Policy
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