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Axel Ebbe’s fairytale world

Grades 1-3
Grafiskt tryck föreställande ett troll, gjort av en elev.

Forest trolls, will-o’-the-wisps, troll children and dragons - in this program, we delve into the world of Axel Ebbe, filled with fairy tales, sculptures and graphics!

We explore Ebbe’s art with a tour among the sculptures in the park and then look at some of his other works inside the museum. Inspired by the sculptures, the students then create their own prints using drypoint engraving - a method that Axel Ebbe himself used.

During the morning, the class is divided into two groups and there is a break in the middle of the program for students to enjoy their own snacks and drinks. 

Due to renovations, we unfortunately do not have access to the art hall, so the tour takes place mostly outdoors, while the creative part is conducted in Trelleborg Museum’s studio.

Target Group: Grades 1-3
Duration: 135 minutes, including a break for students to have their own snacks and drinks
Group Size: Full class
Cost: 2000 SEK + 50 SEK material/student, 2 educators
Location: Axel Ebbes Art Hall


Phone: 0410-73 30 21