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City walking tour – The birth of a city

Grade 4 – High school
Äldre karta över Trelleborg.

Trelleborg is a medieval city, but the traces of its past are few and difficult to discover. On this guided walking tour through the older parts of Trelleborg, we aim to make the invisible visible by seeking out locations that can tell us something about its history.

Trelleborg serves as both a general example of the growth of a medieval city in ancient East Denmark and a unique place with its own history. Starting from the city's founding around the year 1250, we will continue to search for traces that lead us up to the beginning of the 20th century, using old photographs to help us see what has changed or disappeared over time.

The purpose is to encourage students to discover the historical traces themselves and provide them with tools to interpret what they see. We will meet at the Medieval House in Trelleborgen and then move around what used to be the old city center before it shifted eastward. The walking tour will conclude back at Trelleborgen.

Target group: Grades 4 – High School
Time: 90 minutes
Group size: Full class
Cost: 720 SEK
Location: Start and finish at the Medieval house at Trelleborgen


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