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Hello Vätten

Preschool, from 3 years
Förskolebarn leker i vättens hus.

There is a little sugar sprite living at Trelleborgen who has been residing on the grounds since ancient times. The spirit loves sugar because there used to be a sugar mill at the site before the fortress was discovered. Join us on a magical tour where creatures and folklore take center stage.

In this unique tour, we talk about sprites and other beings in folklore, the story of Trelleborgen’s fictional sugar sprite and why it exists at the site. Then, we go together into the exhibition and visit the sprite’s very own little house, where the fireplace glows and the large collection of sugar spoons neatly hangs on the wall. Inside the sprite’s house, the children get to explore, squeeze and touch with the support of the museum educator and teachers. 

After the visit to the sprite’s house, we proceed to an amphitheater in the exhibition with a large cozy mat. There, we gather and read tales from folklore. 

We conclude by allowing the children to ask questions calmly and discuss creatures, folklore or anything else they encountered during the visit.

Target Group: Preschool, from 3 years old
Duration: 30-45 minutes
Group Size: Max 12 children/group
Cost: Free
Location: Trelleborgen


Phone: 0410-73 30 21