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Hello Viking

Preschool, from 4 years
Viking klädd i päls välkomnar framför vikingahuset.

Are you curious about the Viking Age and what the Vikings do at Trelleborgen? We welcome the younger children to a meeting with the Viking at Trelleborgen, where we get to know each other and the area, talk about the Viking chores on the farm and Viking Age artifacts.

We start with the time period and mythology and bring out some of our reconstructed Viking Age objects. the children can ask questions and feel and touch at their own pace.

Depending on the season, different Viking chores can be added to the booking. Perhaps you can help us sow seeds in the cabbage garden, patrol the fortress rampart or sit down in the longhouse where the storyteller is. 

A shorter version is offered free of charge for smaller groups from schools and recreational services visiting Trelleborgen for the first time. This brief introduction also needs to be booked in advance.

Target Group: Preschool, from 4 years old
Duration: 30-45 minutes
Group Size: Max 12 children/group
Cost: 360 SEK
Location: Trelleborgen


Phone: 0410-73 30 21