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Sigrid & The Dragon – A musical theater in the world of fairy tales

Grade 1-3
Vikingaklädd kvinna som håller i ett vikingatida spelinstrument. I bakgrunden syns berg och siluetten av en eldsprutande drake.

A program that starts in the classroom with a short video bringing the Viking Age to life, and the class is given a task that can be done together or individually. The task is to write an exciting story in the style of the Vikings’ sagas.

The first visit to Trelleborgen begins with a gathering where students, together with a museum educator, gather in front of a painting depicting scenes from Norse mythology. They are immersed in the magical world of the Viking Age and introduced to the mythology of that time.

Next, there is a workshop with Anna Rynefors. In the workshop, the students' own saga is narrated, enhanced dramatically by live music from Viking-era instruments, as well as rhythm and body percussion performed by the students themselves. They learn a song that is part of the performance and discuss music during the Viking Age. They also talk about strong emotions such as fear and courage, and the importance of taking action, whether it's fighting dragons or having the courage to share their own stories with classmates.

During a second visit, there is an interactive performance of "Sigrid and the Dragon," followed by a discussion about Viking mythology, the contemporary context, and the people of that time.

Target group: Grade 1
Location: Trelleborgen


Phone: 0410-73 30 21

Link to the program on Anna Rynefors’ website