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Grades 4–9
Bild av en lektionssida på datorn. Visar en gammal karta över Skåne och Danmark och texten Skånska kriget och en nergrävd myntskatt.

Sweden's History is a free digital educational resource for schools. Trelleborgs Museums is one of approximately 30 museums that have contributed content to these lessons. How did the Skåne War affect the local population? Who built Trelleborgen? And what can a war prisoner's wooden leg tell us about World War I?

Through, Trelleborgs Museums can serve as a resource for schools across the country, providing access to content created by a large number of Swedish museums.

The lesson materials cover more than a thousand years, from the Viking Age to the present day. The website is called "Sweden's History," but the meaning of the word "Sweden" changes depending on the century being studied. The ambiguity surrounding borders is important for students to be aware of and is a fundamental part of understanding a country's history.

The teaching resource is designed for middle school and high school students. The materials are presented as lessons, and each lesson is accompanied by a teacher's guide with suggested teaching approaches. All lessons align with the history curriculum.

The website is operated and managed by the National Historical Museums of Sweden.

A girl sitting with a tablet, accessing
A girl sitting with a tablet, accessing

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Target group: Grades 4–9