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The Viking Age and the importance of place

Elementary school and High school
Utställningens sista del med utgång, en stor sten med projicerad runtext, en väggtapet med sensommarblommor och en filmduk som visar en solnedgång.

Are you interested in the Viking Age, mythology, the everyday life of the Vikings, or why there is a fortress in the middle of central Trelleborg? Then you've come to the right place! Join us on a journey back in time when the site looked completely different, but the Viking Age fortress stood in the exact same location.

Starting from the time period and mythology, a guide will take you on a tour of the exhibition "Borgen vid havet". During the guided tour, reconstructed Viking Age objects will be presented, which is a way to approach the objects in a natural way. This can also be a great way to get to know the site better, as it carries a lot of history.

Target group: Language introduction, Elementary school and High School
Time: 60 minutes
Group size: Maximum 12 students/group
Cost: 360 SEK
Location: Trelleborgen


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