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Viking Age at Trelleborgen – Mythology, power and everyday life

Grade 4 - High school
Siluett av kvinna i vikingakläder. Hon står ute i grönskan och blåser liv i glödande hö.

Welcome to Trelleborgen to get to know the Viking Age. How did the surroundings look a thousand years ago? Why was there a fortress? What gods did the Viking believe in and how did their everyday life look like? We also venture out to the Viking farmstead and try out a Viking-age craft.

We begin by gathering in front of an illustration depicting scenes from Norse mythology and discuss together about Norse mythology and legends. Then, we proceed with a guided tour in the museum exhibition "Borgen vid havet" where we follow the mythical völva in a narrative about the history and archaeology of the site, observed through the changing seasons.

We venture out to the Viking fortress and also visit our Viking village where we talk about what life was like during the Viking Age. We engage in practical activities and try out period-specific techniques, such as striking sparks with a fire striker. Just like during the Viking Age, tasks can vary depending on the season and weather conditions.

The program is included in Trelleborg municipality’s cultural guarantee policy for grade 4.

Target group: Grades 4 - High School, Cultural guarantee policy for grade 4
Time: 2 hours, including time for a snack with brought fruit.
Group size: Maximum 24 students/group
Cost: 720 SEK, free if covered by the cultural guarantee policy
Location: Trelleborgen


Phone: 0410-73 30 21