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When Viking Mythology Meets Clay – What Happens Then?

Special school grades 1-9
Vikingaklädd kvinna visar två vikingaklädda pojkar hur man skapar i lera.

A program specially designed for special schools, grades 1-9. Inspired by the magical world of the Viking Age and the craftsmanship of that time, students create their own ceramic creations. Clay is a tactile material that appeals to multiple senses and is well-suited for creative work for all ages, abilities, and individuals.

Humans have lived with and created with clay since prehistoric times. It has been part of our magical rituals and everyday life, in various cultures and countries around the world. By exploring Viking Age craftsmanship and artistic expressions, students, together with an art educator and a ceramicist, have the opportunity to create their own works in clay, which will be decorated and fired into ceramics.

The project consists of three sessions for each group of students at the Viking Museum Trelleborgen. Repetition and recognition are especially important for this target group. During the sessions, students will get acquainted with the culture and craftsmanship of the Viking Age and, through an artistic and craftsmanship process from idea to finished product, create their own works and connect it to their own storytelling.

Target group: Special education school, grades 1-9
Location: Trelleborgen


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