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Willing to make a difference

Grade 7 - High school
Vägg med porträtt på kvinnor och män som varit betydelsefulla i politiken och i folkrörelserna.

Industrialization brought significant changes, challenges and opportunities. With the help of the exhibition Stadslifv, we approach both the people in power and those fighting for their right to be heard in a local and concrete manner.

The program focuses on the major changes brought about by industrialization and its consequences for the large number of people moving from the countryside to the city. Through simple dramatizations, we involve the students in the economic and social reality of the turn of the century, discussing processes of democratization and issues of equality.


Learn more about the exhibition Stadslifv

Target Group: Grade 7 - High School
Duration: 45 minutes
Group Size: We recommend that classes with more than 25 students book as two groups
Cost: 360 SEK
Location: Trelleborg Museum


Phone: 0410-73 30 21