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På varje plats

På varje plats – Cultural Pedagogy for children and youth in Skåne is a three-year regional collaborative project. The project aims to provide more children and youth in several municipalities in Skåne access to high-quality pedagogical activities.

Through outreach activities and strategic method work, Trelleborgs museer aims to reduce the inequality in accessing publicly funded culture. This is done by finding new ways to collaborate with schools, municipalities and other local stakeholders in areas of Skåne that lack regionally funded cultural institutions. The project has chosen to focus on the municipalities of Skurup, Höör and Osby.

The local site and landscape are central to the project. Children and youth will, based on their circumstances, be able to access the diverse cultural heritage and be offered opportunities for their own creativity, participation and influence.

In this project, Trelleborgs museer collaborates with Skånes Arkivförbund, Regionsmuseet Skåne and Skånes Arkivförbund. A researcher from Malmö University is following the project, and we collaborate with the Swedish National heritage Board on issues related to the educational mission. 

The project is now in its third year and is scheduled to be completed in May 2023. After that, appropriate support measures for the schools’ ongoing work will be implemented in the institutions’ regular operations.

During the spring, there is a significant focus on producing inspiring and informative films about themes and places that have been given special attention in this project. Some examples include films about medieval castles, medieval ironworking, the emergence of the church village and the development of the railway community.