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Crawl trail

Children's trail
Ett modellånglok kör på en räls invid en modell av Trelleborgs järnvägsstation.

The Crawl Trail is an interactive trail for the youngest visitors. When the friendly sheep bleats, the lights turn on in the blue house or the train chugs into the tunnel, children can control the activities using the yellow buttons. Everything happens at a crawl-friendly level and yellow handprints on the floor show the way.

Connected to the trail is a book called “What happens at the Museum”. The book is free and is handed out to accompanying adults while supplies last. The book’s images and texts are related to the different stations in the exhibition, allowing children to familiarize themselves with the experience before their visit and facilitate discussion about the experience afterward. The book contains two types of texts. The shorter, more playful text can be read at the various stations of the crawl trail.

At the back of the book, there is space for four stamps, each providing a free visit for the accompanying adult. Children up to 20 years old always have free admission to Trelleborg Museum.

The Crawl Trail is a part of Bokstart, an initiative promoting language development in young children.