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Älskade korg!

1 April 2023
- 28 May 2023
En mängd korgar av olika slag mot en turkosfärgad bakgrund.

Älskade korg! - Bound, woven and twisted elevates the basket from perspectives of sustainability, personal creation and history. the exhibition showcases a large number of newly crafted baskets, materials and basket weaving techniques from various parts of Sweden, along with older baskets from the collection of Trelleborg Museum.

The “Älskade korg!” exhibition aims to spark curiosity about the craft, showcase the diversity of baskets in Sweden and share the story of our rich basketry tradition, both in Skåne and the rest of the country. Älskade korg! is a collaboration with Skåne’s Handicraft Association and Sörmland Museum.

Vernissage on April 1

At 13:00, the exhibition will be presented by craft consultant Sofia Månsson and Trelleborg Museum’s First Curator Åsa Bill. Basket weavers will be presented during the day, demonstrating how to make baskets. Söderslätt’s Handicraft Association will participate.

Straw Plaiting Workshop on May 13-14

Straw plaiting or spiral binding is a technique used in the production of various items such as baskets, storage containers, beehives, straw shoes and coffins. The technique was particularly common in Skåne and Jylland. Bundles of straw are bound together, layer by layer, using rails made of willow, hazel or rattan.

In collaboration with Skåne’s Handicraft Association

Cost: 1700 SEK.

Registration is required and can be done until April 21 here.

Basket Festival on May 27-28

A festive festival held in conjunction with the end of the exhibition “Älskade korg!”.

Basket Parade, Basket Consultation, Lectures, Sales and Demonstrations about one of our oldest crafts and one of humanity’s most important inventions - the basket!

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