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Marcus-Gunnar Pettersson – What have I done?!

13 May 2023
- 13 May 2024
En mängd figurer från Marcus-Gunnar Petterssons sagoböcker

– The feelings, the thinking, the drawing. What have I done?! With a large portion of imagination and storytelling joy, the Värmland illustrator Marcus-Gunnar Pettersson shows his wayward and moving images.

Scenes emerge from selected books and are built up in three-dimensional forms. The exhibition is about creating, about friendship, fears and daring - where play and seriousness go hand in hand. Everyone is invited to meet a whole bunch of different figures and characters, be brave as a lion or alert as a roach, understand the meaning of a coffee stain and both live in and dream away in Marcus-Gunnar's beautiful and slightly crazy picture worlds.