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Melissa Henderson – Wood Wide Web

16 September 2023
- 19 November 2023
Stor grön sten i ett grönt landskap.

The scents of the forest blend with the imagination of the studio. The paintings are populated by mushrooms, trees, and the stains of the studio. The random traces of activity on the palette mimic the chaos of nature. The stains on the palette become like the studio's soil. Melissa Henderson allows the theme of nature to cross-pollinate with the studio's compost in the artworks, creating a compost of thoughts where something new can emerge.

The exhibition features oil paintings and bronze sculptures that have evolved through exploration and investigation. They have slowly developed in layers. Melissa Henderson has added, removed, rediscovered, and reworked the works over time.

She is interested in how everything is interconnected in nature and how we humans are just a small part of it. The underground network of mushrooms that connects trees to each other and enables communication for the trees in exchange for nutrients for the mushrooms is called mycorrhiza. This network is often referred to as the Wood Wide Web because it resembles the human World Wide Web.