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Roland Thysell – The Sin Freedom Paradise

2 December 2023
- 28 January 2024
Varieténummer i tält. En man håller en stor orm, två kvinnor i bikini står bakom honom. Publik tittar på.
Foto av Roland Thysell

The exhibition takes you on a photographic journey through time and space, from the year 1955 and onward. Photographer Roland Thysell creates unforgettable images filled with temperament, rhythm and originality.

These pictures allow us to encounter people, places, and events that have shaped multiple decades. Through Thysell's camera lens, we get to experience gripping images of Ålafiskarna (the eel fishermen), the last lighthouse keeper in Smygehamn, the distinctive characters at Kivik's market, and the beauty of nature in Beddinge. The images also offer a broad view of the world, from the poignant atmosphere in Dublin to the iconic cowboys and the Wild West of the USA – all intertwined in a love for the plains, the region, and the paradise that resides nearby.