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The giant wall: world’s greatest collective mural

Trelleborg 2021

A world-unique mural painting - 80 meters long and 6 meters high - Trelleborg's new landmark! Hundreds of engaged Trelleborg residents have created a collective artwork where past, present and future are woven together.

Over ten intense weeks, nearly 500 people have participated in the creation, searching through archives and sharing stories about dreams and desires for the city of the future. The artists from the Streetcorner association have been dedicated guides who have encouraged us to dare to do something that has never been done before.

During ten days in June 2021, the painting took shape. First, the wall was primed with colorful fire extinguishers, and the paint flowed, creating exciting transitions. In the darkness of the night, lines and shapes were projected using long rollers and delicate brushstrokes. The wall came to life, and a multitude of happenings inspired unforgettable encounters on-site.

Jätteväggen rises on Strandridaregatan, running along the sea. This place has shaped both the city and its people throughout the ages. People have walked, fished, and bathed here... This is where the Vikings found their anchorage... and here, DUX's legendary furniture factory resounded - filled with hardworking people with ingenuity, creativity, and a sense of sustainability.

Genius loci, the soul of the place, provides identity and atmosphere to build upon for the new neighborhood that will emerge here.

Through creation, conversations, and experimental workshops, different generations have come together. You see a rich collage of images divided into various themes:

  • The Journey - The gateway to the continent
  • Playfullness and People
  • The meeting place and nature
  • Work and the future

Trelleborg's architecture and the embrace of animals and nature encompass all motifs. A delicate lamppost, the buzzing of a bumblebee, a desire for a greener city, all provide energy and vitality. Here you see the gateway to the continent – a city of possibilities.

Discover all the details of the painting! The bat with passengers – flying and hunting. A piece of the Berlin Wall – Save our earth! The lonely fox sneaks in the evening – now finding a place under the glow of the lamppost. Playfulness – observe the long line of adults walking on their hands, erasing the workplace hierarchy for a moment.

See how the cheerleaders roar at Vångavallen for sports achievements, support, and passion. And remember what one of the workers at the Dux factory said - life should be good.

The road signs represent the young people's desires for their own future addresses: Party Avenue, Community Road, Dance Path, Sunflower Lane, and Love Trail.

The portrait of the young woman serves as a reminder that Trelleborg should be a place for creative youth to thrive.

In the City Park, the peacock dances freely. It is a meeting place that allows us to live closely with respect for all the dear aspects of nature.

The white sections represent the shadow of Axel Ebbes' sea serpent, winding its way along the Wall where the head has transformed into Ebbes' train towards the future.

Jätteväggen shows that we humans achieve the best results when we work together and carry forward the proud cultural heritage of the city. Attitudes can shift and grow in such an environment. Art speaks through time and space, revealing each individual's creative vein. Humans and the environment go hand in hand, looking forward to new needs for future generations of Trelleborg residents and for the future's public living spaces.

Follow the process to the finished painting

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