April 24 – KICK OFF

The future's public everyday space

What does the future's public everyday space look like? On April 24, participants from Trelleborgs Museum, Streetcorner, KRETS, Magora, and young people came together to build the future's public everyday space next to Jätteväggen on Strandridaregatan.

This marked the beginning of the project, a meeting with young people to listen and anchor the project's ambitions. By creating something very concrete together, everyone got to know each other and the place.

In addition, a profile and visualization of the project were needed, so a photoshoot took place. No one knew what the end result would be; everything was improvised on the spot.

With large loads of props, an outdoor fantasy room was built with lights, a carpet, a table, velvet curtains, instruments, paintings, a tail sculpture, and disco balls. Furniture made on-site coexisted with old and new items. The atmosphere was set, and many conversations and meetings guided the project. For example, it became clear that there was a strong shared belief that this type of space was lacking in the city. Where should young people find their place? There was a desire for more enjoyable public spaces where creative activities could be done together, where they could participate in shaping the development, so that Trelleborg could become the city of young people. The evening concluded with a debut, a fantastic musical performance.

During the afternoon and evening, the external communication via social media was also shaped. The first public post went viral and the name JÄTTEVÄGGEN - World's Greatest Collective Mural was launched.

When the living room was packed away and darkness fell, a small lonely fox came to visit and stopped under the light of the lamp. It was his place, after all - the moment was captured on picture and of course the fox would become part of the wall's motif.