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Final composition and preparation for painting

Art project

After fantastic workshops, the energy level was high, and public attention increased. There was significant media interest in the project, spreading far beyond the borders of Trelleborg. Now it was time to engage the people of Trelleborg in participating in the painting!

More interviews were conducted on the streets of Trelleborg, flyers were handed out, sponsors were approached, and word-of-mouth spread.

The motif for Jätteväggen would now be composed and developed by the artists from Streetcorner. A vast amount of material collected during meetings, interviews, requests, images, and workshops needed to be processed and analyzed. A selection had to be made, deciding how all the different elements of the design would come together.

Additionally, important preparations were made for the painting of the wall. Hundreds of liters of paint, brushes, rollers with 6-meter-long handles, containers, and portable toilets were purchased. Police permits and signage permits were obtained. The future sponsor wall was prepared with panels and leveled out, electrical connections were installed, and once again, the importance of various contacts and skills was evident in ensuring the smooth progress of everything.

The days at the wall would offer plenty of music, creative workshops, and food, inviting both planned and unplanned happenings. The positive vibe that had been created attracted many people who wanted to follow the project, and the project's social media presence grew.

Otman Ben Smail composed a musical piece dedicated to Jätteväggen. Have a listen!

Jättevaggen 2021 (MPEG, 3 MB)

An experience of the music:

- känns som staden väcks till liv, det är morgon. Klangerna skapar associationer till kyrkklockor, industristad…det är en skön mix från det nya med blinkningar till det gamla. För att sedan pulsera upp för dagens göromål – staden ska väckas! Stadens alla ljud, rytmen och öppna upp staden från olika vrår , bagaren, slaktaren, fåglarna, bil, tåg, båttuta – till det kommer människorna. Skön power, upprepning av pulsen!