June 11-23 – The Artwork

World´s Greatest Collective Mural

On June 11th, the painting of Jätteväggen at Strandridaregatan 8 began. The interest was tremendous, and several hundred people had signed up to participate over the next 10 days. The artists from Streetcorner were ready to guide all the people of Trelleborg in creating the world's greatest mural painting!

The wall was primed with colorful fire extinguishers, creating a dripping effect and beautiful transitions. Layers of paint were built up to provide depth and texture. It was long and intense days for the artists, and to meet the deadline, they worked in shifts, utilizing every hour of the day. During the darkness of the night, the design was projected onto the wall, and the shapes were painted with black outlines to be filled with color during the day.

A booking system was set up, and in groups of 8 people, the artists from Streetcorner guided individuals through the artistic process, ensuring that everyone's contributions and creative joy were utilized. The design slowly took shape with clear brushstrokes, and to reach the highest parts of the wall, rollers with 6-meter-long handles were used.

During the painting period, concerts, workshops, and creative meetings were organized. There was an immense curiosity and positive response filling the space with energy. The engagement was not only from those involved in the painting. People from Trelleborg, other artists, and residents of Malmö and beyond came by to cheer, observe, or simply hang out. Some brought water, others brought apples.

Exactly 2 months after the public living room was built, JÄTTEVÄGGEN was inaugurated. Long and intense days took their toll, but on June 23rd, it was time.

- The world's greatest collective mural was to be inaugurated, and it became a grand celebration with an impressive program that attracted hundreds of visitors. Music, dance, and speeches highlighted the fantastic work that all the people of Trelleborg had put their hearts into.

A truly unique project - with nearly 500 active participants. An art project that values inclusion, co-creation, and the right to express oneself and contribute to shaping one's environment. Together, we can change attitudes, use our creativity, and find inspiration and a future in the city of Trelleborg.

Artists from Streetcorner

  • Rikard Johansson
  • Malin Sparrvardt
  • Mikael Rickfors
  • Amanda Sima
  • Elias Lissdaniels

and John Erenbo, who has followed the entire project with his camera and created extraordinary films.


- I'm going to tell all my classmates about this. Every time we drive past the wall, I know that I have contributed to the fox. It's really cool!

- Finally, something exciting is happening here in Trelleborg.

- This will go down in history.

- I didn't know I could paint.

- This is exactly the kind of place we need, more places to hang out, especially during the summers!

- There is a lot to be proud of in Trelleborg. It's fun to see the positive.

- I have made new friends!

- It's so important that Trelleborg gets a bit of coolness.

- Imagine if we could make Trelleborg a bit more beautiful like this, with more paintings!

- It's wonderful that something positive is happening in the city.

- We want to paint more! There are so many empty walls in “Trelle”!

- It's great to see the mural incorporating the history of Trelleborg. You can really follow the traces!

- I've been living here for ten years, but I've never known what this place was. Such beautiful motifs and such skilled artists.

Quotes from an article

The motif for the mural painting emerged from fantastic contributions from Trelleborg residents who have shown love and dedication. Through images, conversations, and workshops, different generations have come together in painting the Jätteväggen.

- The World's Greatest Collective Mural is the world's best collective mural painting, says Anna Pauli, from the cultural project KRETS, who has been the sub-project leader for the painting.

- The project is completely unique because of its size and co-creation. We are overwhelmed by the commitment and the unique collaboration among so many people in the city, adds Anna Pauli.

Looking ahead with the help of the site's history

– Jätteväggen demonstrates that the best results are achieved when we work together. Mural paintings in public spaces contribute to a better living environment, inspire creativity and interactions - where humans and the environment should be the basis for how the city evolves. By embracing the site's history and looking ahead to new needs, we achieve sustainable development and a strong identity where inclusion becomes a natural part," says Annika Börjesson at Trelleborgs Museum.

Special thanks

A special thanks to everyone who came and painted, cheered, and contributed to Jätteväggen. Thank you to all the generous sponsors:

  • Trelleborgshem
  • Visit Trelleborg
  • Maxi ICA Stormarknad Trelleborg
  • Va Gruppen
  • Structor Projektledning Malmö AB
  • Qb3 Projekt AB
  • Treano
  • Trelleborgs Hamn Ab
  • Prenad Trelleborg
  • Trelleborgs Energi AB
  • Swennex AB
  • Sodalicious
  • Sydbil Öresund AB
  • Serneke
  • Midroc Properties AB
  • Sigma Coatings
  • BG Andersson

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