May 12-15 – Creative Workshop

Sketches for the motif of the Giant Wall

Heatex, a large old industrial building in Trelleborg - currently used as storage and offices for the municipality - was transformed into a creative workshop with artistically decorated rooms. A team from Streetcorner, KRETS, and Trelleborg Museum worked for several days on preparations and construction. Collaboration with Trelleborg's youth centers, Cultural School, and Söderslättsgymnasiet resulted in 80 active young participants taking part in sketching the motifs for Jätteväggen.

The project aimed to invite people to new experiences, crazy adventures in flexible spaces where everyone could try various working methods and creative expressions, and feel a sense of involvement in the project. All of this was grounded in acquiring tools related to composition, color, proportions, working on a large scale together, and finding the flow for the grand painting.

The workshops consisted of different parts and were inspired by work techniques, mottos, and designs from DUX: Invention, Perfection, and Sustainability.

The participants, divided into groups of eight, were picked up from their respective youth centers. The first stop of the tour was Jätteväggen, where the project's final goal was concretely visualized. The participants saw the wall's large surfaces and listened to the story of the place.

Afterward, the tour continued to Heatex, where the participants were greeted with colored smoke, a secret garage door, loud music played by DJ Anna, and fantastic dancers from Danzfit who provided energy and rhythm. The story could begin as the participants arrived at a fictitious furniture factory where "the world's best furniture is manufactured."

The storyteller was Efraim Ljung, who lived over 100 years ago, and he introduced the various parts of the workshop by sharing stories about his life, travels, entrepreneurship, visions, and collaborations.

The Invention

It was a spiral spring that changed the course of Efraim's life. How does an idea grow into the courage to start a large factory? An experience, a journey, an unexpected encounter can become the trigger that can change the future. Always be prepared and open to new impressions; the world's best invention may be just around the corner!

The room had the same proportions as the actual wall, close to 6 meters in height. Three projectors, hundreds of images, and various light sources would be blended and mixed under the direction of the young participants. The dancers posed and became silhouettes in the glow of the projector. Images from the past and present of Trelleborg were transformed into new images to create the future.

Two participants had the opportunity to visit the Letter Room, a secret room behind a large red door, for a cozy hangout with birdsong, a DUX sofa, ambient lighting, and important values and street names of the city on the walls. There, they were given three tasks: select Trelleborg's best places and justify why, identify what is missing in the city, and write down their future address. Conversations flowed, and there were many desires and wishes about what the city needs, what people want to do, and how they want to influence it.

The young people's wishes

Cozy hangouts and meeting places for all generations, Legal graffiti wall, More music and open stages that can be used, Outdoor cinema, Fun swimming spots, More greenery in the city, Cooler skate ramps, Trampoline park, Nightclub and good dance venues, Cozy cafés, More artwork on facades, A huge museum, Fun playgrounds, Festivals, Football hangouts, A more attractive and safer city, Good clothing stores, Free movie screenings, Nice picnic spots, Dance venues, More lights in the park, A place where art and sports come together, food trucks

- Now Trelleborg is a dormant city, a city for the elderly. The city needs to wake up with plenty of activities so that we young people also have a place.

The young people’s future addresses:

Solrosgränden, Partyavenyn, Kärleksspåret, Kosvängen, Fredsstigen, Dansstigen, Gemenskapsvägen, Trygghetsgatan, Färggladsgatan, Papegojagatan, Blomstergatan, Vänskapsgatan, Tivoligatan, Lyckogatan, Framtidsgatan, Superhjältsgatan

Trelleborg’s best places
  • Sjöormen at the square - a great meeting place in the center, close to everything
  • Flaningen - a peaceful and harmonious place for various activities, where community, birds, and soul can be found
  • Public bathing - love water and swimming
  • The central station - a beautiful building where you can hang out and travel to other cities
  • Albäcksskogen - a calm and beautiful environment where everyone is welcome regardless of age
  • The youth center - it's where I learned respect
  • Trelleborgen - a pleasant place with cozy houses and Vikings
  • Vångavallen - really enjoy football
  • Dalabadet - a good sandy beach, swimming, and a diving platform
  • Granlunda area - a great training spot
  • The museum at the square - a fun place with exciting rooms, enjoy history and painting
  • The skate park - enjoy parkour and skateboarding
  • The school - where all my friends are

Perfection - Finding the Flow

How does one create a unique design? Efraim emphasizes the importance of building a strong team and fostering creative collaborations. By cross-pollinating different genres, drawing inspiration from various cultures, being curious and inquisitive, exploring the forms of nature and human anatomy, the world's best armchair can be created, and shapes like the superellipse can become immortalized furniture classics. Let yourself be inspired - let gravity take its course - find the feeling!

Together with music and cool dances from Danzfit, various physical exercises were carried out, such as swinging, action-painting with an office chair, and using a drop pendulum. It was important to be courageous, trust your intuition, collaborate, find the flow, and engage the whole body.

The workshop aimed to be free from pressure, playful, and inspiring. Everyone was on the same level, and no one had ever tried anything similar before.


How can we create things that last for multiple lifetimes? Efraim Ljung shares his past poor decisions and mistakes but also talks about the journey of taking responsibility, solving the problem, and reassessing the situation - not giving up. It is through this process that development occurs. We must be willing to fail in order to succeed!

A landing strip was marked on the floor with tape, and in the final workshop, the journey back to Trelleborg was made on small children's scooters. Using large colorful sponges, participants threw big paint splashes on the wall. From there, they explored the "mistake" and created something new. Participants had the opportunity to try different artistic techniques and discuss what makes a sustainable place and city. Step by step, the mural on the wall took shape, with each group building upon the work of the previous group. A mural was created together.

The workshop also served as team-building, allowing youth leaders and young participants to engage in creative exercises together. New relationships were formed, and appreciation was expressed by all involved.

- This is what's missing. Imagine if we young people could have a cool space like this.

It was the first time in a long while that they had engaged in an activity together since the pandemic forced the closure of training sessions, youth centers, and shifted to digital education.

Clear requests emerged for the wall to have vibrant colors, featuring lots of animals and nature. Now, all the sketches for the design were ready.