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Film – The museum’s cinema

Silence! ... the camera is rolling

At Trelleborg Museum’s cinema, you can experience an exciting and diverse film program with non-stop movies. The selection is a fine collection of the city’s archival films, dating back to the beginning of cinema in the 1910s, interspersed with feature films and art films.

Naturally, there is a special emphasis and presence of Jan Troell, one of our time’s greatest filmmakers, who lives and creates on the southern coast.

Through the unique perspective of film, there is an opportunity to gain deeper insights into the city’s history, culture, and art.

But that’s not all – Trelleborg Museum also offers a range of activities for film lovers, including educational programs, Fimliklubi and film nights with discussions and analysis that allow for a deeper exploration of the medium of film. The film program is a true gem for anyone who loves film and wants to explore the city’s cultural heritage and be inspired by the magical world of cinema.

Filmruta från äldre svartvit film. En korvförsäljare står på en gata. Ett par pojkar står bakom honom. Tre män tittar på.

Current movies in Bian

Bian now returns to showcasing a wide selection of old films about Trelleborg. The films are changed every month. Film screenings are included in the museum’s admission. No booking is required.

The film workshop

On the last Thursday of every month, films are shown at “Bian” in Trelleborg museum, in collaboration with Trelleborg Library. The selection of films varies, combining new releases with classics. After the film, there will be a brief film analysis session with the film educator of Allmänkulturen, Oliver Lazarevski.

Film program this spring

The tickets are free and you can sign up at the Library (Note: limited number of seats).

Thursday March 30
Swan song from 2021 by Benjamin Cleary
1h 53min

Thursday April 27
Tala med henne from 2002 by Pedro Almodovar
1h 50min

Thursday May 25
Triangle of Sadness from 2022 by Ruben Östlund
2h 25min

Film projects

Trelleborg Museum loves film! When collaborating with young individuals in various contexts, we often find that they gravitate towards film as a form of expression. To meet this interest, we engage in method development projects, film workshops, and provide regular guidance for young film enthusiasts.

Jan Troell and grade 9

Filmmaking in kids free time

Två personer filmar en man i vikingakläder. De tvår på en äng där man ser havet i bakgrunden.
Filmiklubis logga. En stiliserad filmkamera med text FILMIKLUBI.


Filmiklubi is a film club for everyone that has an interest in good, finnish film. It is also a meeting place for people who want to speak Finnish over a cup of coffee before the film starts. You are always welcome, indifferent if you speak Finnish or if you are just interested in Finnish culture. All films have Swedish subtitles.

On the first måndag of the month at 18.00, with breaks during summer and Christmans, there is a film club. To see the films being shown and for exact dates and times, you can find more information on Trelleborg municipality’s website.

Read more about Filmiklubi