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Guided tour of the exhibition Borgen vid havet


Welcome to Trelleborgen to explore the Viking Age in the museum exhibition "Borgen vid havet". Follow the mythical seeress völvan in a story about the history and archaeology of the site. How did it look here during the Viking Age? Why was there a fortress? What were the connections with the outside world like?

Through the exhibition, seen through the changing seasons, we explore the questions of who built the fortress and why, in new and creative ways.

Craftsmen from all over Europe, often with one foot in the reenactment movement, have contributed to the exhibition by recreating a number of objects from the Viking Age. These objects have been connected to the fortress and its surroundings.

The exhibition also showcases archaeological finds discovered at the site, most of which come from the settlement that existed there before the fortress was built. It was likely an important anchorage for trade and contacts across the Baltic Sea during the Vendel and Viking periods. Among the finds are Slavic ceramics, a carnelian bead from the Middle East, and a jawbone from one of the inhabitants of Söderslätt, which is being investigated in a fascinating DNA project.

Time: 60 minutes
Group size: Maximum 24 people/group
Cost: Weekdays daytime 720 SEK, evenings and weekends 1405 SEK
Location: Trelleborgen


Phone: 0410-73 30 21