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Viking Age at Trelleborgen – Mythology, power and everyday life

Flera besökare sitter runt en tänd eldstad inuti ett vikingatida långhus. De lyssnar på en vikingaklädd sagoberättare.

Welcome to Trelleborgen to learn about the Viking Age. What did it look like here during the Viking Age? Why was there a fortress? What gods did the Vikings believe in, and what did they do in their daily lives? We will also visit the reconstructed Viking village.

The tour begins with a guided tour of the museum exhibition "Borgen vid havet" where you will follow the legendary völva (seeress) in a story about the history and archaeology of the site, seen through the changing seasons. The exhibition explores the questions of who built the fortress and why, using new and creative approaches.

The exhibition also showcases archaeological finds discovered at the site, most of which come from the settlement that existed before the fortress was built. It was likely an important trading and contact point across the Baltic Sea during the Vendel and Viking Ages. Finally, we will visit the Viking village at Trelleborgen, with its reconstructed pit houses, cabbage gardens, and longhouse. In the longhouse, we will gather around the hearth and discuss what life was like during the Viking Age.

Time: 90 minutes
Group size: Maximum 24 people/group
Cost: Weekdays daytime 720 SEK, evenings and weekends 1405 SEK
Location: Trelleborgen


Phone: 0410-73 30 21