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Walking tour in old Trelleborg

Gammal karta över Trelleborg.

Join us on a guided tour of the oldest parts of Trelleborg and listen to stories about old houses, human fates, and legends from the past. The guide will make stops at the monastery ruins, old squares, the church, and other interesting places. The tour starts and ends at Trelleborgen.

Trelleborg's history as a city is truly fascinating. In the 13th century, a respected city was established right next to the site where a ring fortress stood during the Viking Age. There was a church, monastery, and market square.

The medieval city has left traces both in the ground and in today's road network. During the 17th and 18th centuries, there are written sources that describe life in Trelleborg, and it is also during this time that the people of Trelleborg go through a major change. Skåne becomes Swedish, and Trelleborg loses its city rights and is considered a village.

Join us on a journey from the Viking Age to the 19th century when Trelleborg became a city again and the city center shifted to the east.

Time: 60 minutes
Group size: Maximum 24 people/group
Cost: Weekdays daytime 720 SEK, evenings and weekends 1405 SEK
Location: Trelleborgen

The tour is suitable for adults.


Phone: 0410-73 30 21