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The Viking Museum Trelleborgen

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The archaeological open-air museum

Experience the world’s only reconstructed Viking fortress in a unique archaeological open-air museum. In the midst of the modern city, a quarter of the ring fortress has been recreated on its exact original site. Here, you will also find a nature park, a medieval house, and a Viking farmstead that comes to life during the summer season.

The Viking fortress

The Viking farmstead

The Medieval House

The Park


At Trelleborgen, history comes to life through guided tours and various events, both large and small. During school breaks, there are activities available for the little ones, and during the summer, there’s something happening every day. Here, you can experience Viking life, witness the Battle of Trelleborgen, and even get married in Viking style.

All year round at Trelleborgen

The battle of Trelleborgen

Get married at Trelleborgen

Experience the Viking life

Summer at Trelleborgen

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Arkeologisk utgrävning av västra porten intill borgen. Spåren i marken syns tydligt.

Archeology and history

The placement of the reconstructed quarter of the castle is exactly the same as it was during the Viking Age. The traces of the logs were so clear in the ground during the archaeological excavation of the area that the archaeologists could document them carefully. However, the site hides a history that extends far beyond the Viking Age.